Claudio Nego

Quo tibi est iter?

This “Where are you going?” followed me everywhere; never allowing me to halt, always making me ponder the ways ahead. No definite answer, just a perpetual search.

I learned with time that “where” is literally, everywhere. Shadow, light, silhouettes, gestures, people, walls are creating spaces with no physical dimensions. They contract and expand under the pressure of just one passing moment that serves as scaffolding for that scene I’m looking for as my next temporary destination.

The beauty of “seeing” is the thing that drives me as a journalist and photographer. Seeing reality – Henri Cartier-Bresson once said – is “putting one’s head, one’s eye and one’s heart on the same axis. One must seize the moment before it passes, the fleeting gesture, the evanescent smile…. That’s why I’m so nervous but it’s only by maintaining a permanent tension that I can stick to reality. ” The camera works as an extension of my eyes, it enables me to see – at the 250th of a second – reality in one of its purest forms.

As a journalist and photojournalist, I worked in the field for years but never was “sticking to reality” harder than it is now. Virtual spaces suffocate human interaction by creating new walls, new interfaces that drive people apart. I therefore decided to make you a part of – I don’t know – my curiosity, my impulse of documenting fragments of this ever fading “real” reality.

From classic Photojournalism, film shooting and processing to the modern days fast paced stories, techniques of the “digital revolution”.

Claudio Nego holds a Honours Degree in Photojournalism and Visual Communications and with over two decades of working in mass media he has extensive experience in the visual documenting of stories, events, places and people. Starting his journey in the days of film shooting and darkroom processes and progressing with the transition into the digital technologies, he has worked on methods of merging classic, analog techniques with the latest digital editing processes, with the purpose of preserving the essence and qualities of classic photography but insuring its continuity into the “digital age”.

After being involved in several Television and Radio projects abroad, Claudio Nego moved to Ireland in 2015 where he focused on new photojournalistic projects, both local and abroad. In 2016 he begins the initial planning for a photography co-operative and an Exhibition and Education Centre for Photography and related Visual Arts. In 2017, with the involvement and partnership of art curator Anya von Gosseln and photographer Michael Snoek, he co-founded Kamera 8 in Wexford, Ireland.