Julia Zinnbauer – STEADY SMILE MOVE

“Julia Zinnbauer regards buildings as three-dimensional pieces of art”

KAMERA ∞ Gallery
June 21 – August 15, 2019

Opening Reception: June 21st
Our Address: 5 Rowe Street Lr., Wexford Eircode: Y35 RDX9
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STEADY SMILE MOVE is a film about the buildings of a once legendary brothel located in Düsseldorf that soon will be torn down. The filmmaker gets lost in the labyrinth of opulently designed themed rooms and mirrored bars and finds out that it was the former managing director of the establishment who originally designed this parallel universe. In contrast to his general reputation of being just a pimp she regards him as an artist and decides that she wants to meet him. In an interview he finally explains her his artistic ideas and tells her about his passion to create a grand illusion. 

STEADY SMILE MOVE is a contemplation about creativity, about the question of who defines the artistic value of something and also about the idea of staging one’s life as a Gesamtkunstwerk with the help of fashion, architecture and interiour design. 

Julia Zinnbauer

Having studied in a sculpture class at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Julia Zinnbauer regards buildings as three-dimensional pieces of art. Her ceaseless quest for exceptional architecture and the direct research on site is a fundamental part of her work. Publishing reports and photos on her own blog (www.scissorella.de) as well as in newspapers and magazines she has been documenting this quest for over a decade. This increasing collection of buildings, facts and anecdotes constitues the basis of her short films and performances and also creates a connection to other fields like e.g. fashion.