“Painting is dead”. Says who?!

“Painting is dead”.
Says who?!

Group Exhibition

KAMERA ∞, Gallery
September 27thnd until Octoberr 23rd 2018

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 27thnd, 5.30 pm
Our Address: 5 Rowe Street Lr., Wexford
Eircode: Y35 RDX9

KAMERA ∞ is very pleased to invite you to the opening of our new exhibition featuring various Irish and international painters.

This time all about painting and wielding the brush.Its astonishing how much painting is going on in our immediate area in County Wexford and further abroad. But,there was also a wonderful artist from Berlin [now living in Sligo] and one who lived for 40 years in Denmark and surely was influenced by its painting tradition and practises?. I am speaking of Tinka Bechert and Phllip J Shiels.There is an artist,Oonagh Latchford, who painted a Chinese child(student? in the manner we see so often now at International art fairs done by Chinese artists?She also paints on perspex and behind it in the tradition of Hinterglasmalerei.Mick Mulcahy allowed us to show two of his paintings,one ,a very beautiful quiet one, not as well known or recognizable as his. By the way, no one needs to introduce Mick.He is one of Ireland’s most loved and well-known artists?.

I love that when you find artists work which is different from what people expect. Counterbranding so to speak.I am ALL for it,dear artists!Patricia Stacke Kelly has not shown all that much and that is what I also liked.Her work is colorful,accomplished and unique and looks so great placed between Helen Comerford and Mick Mulcahy.Helen,by the way,is an artist of renown for 40 years.I showed her work,placed above the wide door frame without a door !!,in the 80s and now we have a superb large and recent painting in the front space .How lovely is that? Helen Gaynor is approaching new ways of painting and I love her two small paintings as you come in. A good step into another direction. Bernadette Doolans painting is a knock-out in sofar as it shows the face of a woman who either cries for joy or sorrow. Mirona Mara’s splendid painting, just like her drawings in a recent show we had, is compelling and strong. Together with two or three other artists and an Adventskranz In the second room, besides new and older work Tinka Bechert and beautiful small paintings by Phillip J Shiels we have a display of the quirky,amusing and good work by Stephen Nolan who has the knack of looking at his surroundings in a novel way.Planning boards look out!!!Patrick Redmonds pieces in this show are almost what you might dig up at Pompeji,although not intended I am sure. As we all know by now both Maria Levinge and Clody Norton are very accomplished painters and their landscapes and still lifes are second to none.Maria has lately developed a style of painting which is calm, dreamy, almost minimalist and I also love them.I chose work by Elizabeth Cope which is not what one normally sees from her and that is just what attracted me. They are beautiful and different. There is a small sprinkle of work from my own collection to just reinforce the point that it will take a few centuries yet to kill off painting? In fact I think that will not happen.

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