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Digital Photography Course – From Basics to ART

Learn the ART of Photography

...from photojournalist Claudio Nego and internationally exhibited photographer Michael Snoek.

Learn your camera and its functions, in order to always achieve the best "digital negative".

Learn more about the dynamics of light, shadow and shooting conditions for more constant and expressive exposures.

Get familiar with the Digital Editing Workflow in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

All while ENJOYING Photography through interesting and interactive course assignments.

  • Starting date: 2121 dates to be announced
  • Course Duration: 6 weeks
  • Time: Thursday nights, from 18.30 – 20.30  (the day is flexible, and can be further discussed and agreed with the class, once formed.)
  • Places available: 7

Price: €160

Discounts for over 55s and Students


Learn photography from the very basic understanding of gear and software to discovering and applying exciting yet more advanced knowledge to your passion for photography. Prepared by our tutors – photojournalist Claudio Nego and internationally exhibited photographer Michael Snoek, you will be guided in this process through both a solid theoretical approach and an interesting series of practical assignments.

Week 1 – Introduction to Photography

1. Understanding the basics of the DSLR camera
2. Understanding the basics of a mirrorless camera
3. Lenses. Types and characteristics
4. Basic understanding of camera light meter
5. Understanding of manual exposure
6. The Shutter and Shutter Priority
7. The aperture and Aperture Priority
8. ISO and relevant settings
9. White Balance
10. Understanding of camera modes

Week 2 – In-depth Exposure Control 

1. Shutter speed and how to shoot sharp images
2. Controlling the shutter speed
3. Understanding of “stops”
4. Shutter priority mode
5. Controlling motion with shutter speed
6. Understanding aperture
7. Understanding depth of field
8. Understanding the lens “speed”.
9. Shooting shallow and deep depth of field
10. ISO – the third exposure element
11. Exploring your camera max ISO qualities
12. Low light Shooting
13. Combining shutter, aperture and ISO for optimum exposure

Week 3 – In-depth Exposure Control – Continued

1. Understanding of white balance and light temperature
2. Manual adjustment of white balance
3. Understanding different metering modes
4. Exposure compensation
5. Bracketing
6. Understanding the histogram
7. Understanding of tone and colour
8. Dynamic range
9. Exposing for the highlights
10. Adaptation of exposure settings to environment and subject matter

Week 4 – Photography Composition Introduction

1. Importance and understanding of composition
2. Differences between the camera and the eye
3. Looking and seeing in photography
4. Subject, foreground and background
5. Balance and simplicity
6. Point of view and “working the shot”
7. When to convert to black and white
8. Geometry, shapes and lines
9. Texture, patterns and repetition
10. Rule of thirds
11. Symmetry
12. Lens focal length, and depth of field in composition

Week 5 – In-depth Photography Composition

1. Tonal and content balance
2. Corners balance
3. Composition for people
4. Composition for landscapes
5. The light – Photography it’s all about the light
6. Direction and quality of light
7. Finding and using the right light
8. Understanding colour and colour composition
9. Guiding the viewer’s eye in the frame (entry and exit)
10. Relation between foreground and background
11. Selective focus
12. Controlling the depth of an image.
13. Creative considerations

Week 6 – Basic Digital Photo Editing

1. Importing images in Adobe LIghtroom
2. Understanding of basic Lightroom controls and interface
3. Basic RAW processing with Adobe Lightroom
4. Exporting for print
5. Exporting for the web
6. Understanding of file types
7. Final assignment assessment.


Each of these topics would be explained, discussed and illustrated in the context of practical and interactive course sessions.

Assignments will be set  and reviewed each week.

Claudio Nego

Claudio Nego

BA (Hons) – Photojournalism
Adobe Partner

20 years of experience in the field and a lifelong passion for photography.
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Dr. Michael Snoek, PhD

Documentary Photographer

In the early nineteen sixties Michael began documenting his world on b&w film. Hi work cover many countries such as Bolivia, Canada, Greece, Germany, Italy, Indonesia, Ireland, Mali, Morocco, Peru and Spain. He exhibited locally and internationally.

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Anthony Hobbs


NCAD – MFA Media
Recently Retired Head of Department of Media at the National College of Art and Design Dublin.

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  • Digital SLR Camera or any other camera with manual exposure control settings
  • Camera memory card
  • Camera tripod