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Complete Mobile Photography Course
Shoot, Edit, Instagram and more..

Learn how great photography can be achieved with your phone camera...

...through expressing your style with creative shooting techniques and knowledge of Mobile Photo Editing Apps.

Then make your work known by joining and learning the tips and tricks of the vast Instagram community...

“The best camera is the one you have with you”. In most cases, this “best” camera is our mobile phone which is now more powerful than never and capable of producing advanced results through mastering the camera app and then the in-phone photo editing apps. In this course you will learn in detail how to refine your mobile photography, from taking the pictures, editing them professionally, to promote your mobile photography on Instagram and other Social Media Channels.

Course Duration: 3 weeks
Available places: 5

One-on-one option available
Course Price: €89


The Mobile Photography Course is aimed at all photographers, young or mature, new or more experienced that want to make the best of their mobile phone cameras and access the vast visually oriented audience offered by Instagram.

The course is taught by Claudio Nego, trained Photojournalist with more than 15 years experience in working with the Adobe products, also a Certified Adobe Partner.

Week One – Master the Phone Camera Apps

1. Getting the phone and camera ready
2. Get the right focus. Manual and Auto Focus
3. Working with the exposure
4. Self timer and Burst Mode
5. Using the Camera Roll
6. Photo sharing with Drop Box
7. Shooting Techniques

  • Light
  • Composition (rule of thirds, leading lines, symmetry, etc.)
  • Shooting with frames and layers
  • Back light and silhouettes
  • Different shooting angles
  • Reflections
  • Background and Foreground

Week Two – Photo Critique and Editing

1. Overview of editing apps
2. Editing with VSCO
3. Editing with Snapseed
4. Editing with Instagram
5. Editing with Photoshop & Lightroom mobile
6. Review of the different edits

Week Three – Promoting yourself on Instagram

1. Overview of the App & Functionalities
2. Creating a powerful profile
3. Get your photos found with hashtagging
4. The power of captions
5. Posting strategy (what and how often)
6. The use of quotes
7. Increasing your follower base
8. Managing your follower base
9. Overview of the importance of Instagram for the modern photographer


Each of these topics would be explained, discussed and illustrated in the context of practical and interactive course sessions.
Assignments will be set  and reviewed each week.

Claudio Nego

BA (Hons) – Photojournalism
Certified Adobe Partner

Starting his journey 20 years ago, in the days of film shooting and darkroom processes and progressing with the transition into the digital technologies, Claudio Nego has developed methods of visually merging classic, analog techniques with the latest digital editing processes, with the purpose of preserving the essence and qualities of classic photography but insuring its continuity into the “digital age”.

  • Your Smartphone and charger
  • Pen and paper