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Take control of the end quality and impact of your photography

...by learning the most up-to-date Photo Editing Techniques, from importing images to the final result...

...with our a hands-on, step-by-step Photo Editing Course prepared by a photographer for photographers.

While taking a digital photograph may seem one of today’s easiest things to do, photographers both new and experienced (but new to the digital process) will soon feel the “out of the camera” results are often not satisfactory. This is because (as with analog darkroom processes) taking the photograph and achieving a great end result are two different but equally important skills that any modern day digital photographer need to master.

Our course will be covering all aspects of the Digital Workflow (using Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom), in a full hands-on, step-by-step and clear course, without getting too technical but in the same time, making sure all the elements are fully understood and practiced through exercises and assignments.


Photo Editing with Photoshop and Lightroom

Course Duration: 5 weeks
Time: Thursday nights, 6.30 pm – 8.30pm

Available places: 5
One-on-one option available

Course Price: €139


The covered material is aimed at all photographers, young or mature, new or more experienced that understand the importance of reaching the true potential of their work and creativity through a good knowledge of Photo Editing.

The course is taught by Claudio Nego, trained Photojournalist with more than 15 years experience in working with the Adobe products, also a Certified Adobe Partner.

First, a few words of encouragement

We are well aware that all the below elements and technical “jargon” may seem a bit overwhelming at first glance but rest assured, when clearly explained, demonstrated on-screen and practiced in class, everything will be easy to follow and even easier to master. The interactive assignments and ongoing support will insure the learning of all taught elements. So don’t be afraid and dive in, the end results will definitely be worthy of your “courage” and ambition and your photography will never be the same. 


Week One – Lightroom Photo Catalog Management

1. Understanding Lightroom interface
2. Creating the catalog and importing the files
3. Backing up the catalog
4. Library view modes – grid, full screen, loupe views
5. Photo Management – adding image flags, tags, rating and keywords
6. Photo Management – working with flags, stars, labels and keywords
7. Photo Management – creating/moving/renaming collections
8. Photo Management – deleting photographs
9. Photo Management – searching and filtering photographs
10. Photo Management – finding misplaced files

Week Two – Lightroom Photo Editing

1. Correcting colour temperature
2. Exposure correction (and clipping check)
3. Working with the tonal curve
4. Color correction with the HSL Controls
5. Sharpening photographs
6. Digital noise reduction
7. Lens correction (manual and automatic)
8. Remove colour fringing
9. Effects: vignetting and grain
10. Improving light with graduated and radial filters
11. Perspective improvements
12. Remove spots, and imperfections
13. Working with Lghtroom presets
14. Image exporting module

Week Three – Adobe Photoshop

1. Working with Camera Raw
2. Initial photo editing in Camera Raw
3. Photoshop workspace and interface
4. Understanding and working with Photoshop tools
5. Importance of Layers
6. Creating and working with layers
7. Working with adjustment layers
8. Working with layer styles
9. Correcting exposure using Levels
9. Correcting exposure using Curves
10. Colour adjustment using Hue and Saturation
11. Focus change with blur gallery (tilt shift blur, lens blur, portrait background blur

Week Four – Adobe Photoshop

1. Working with masks
2. Photograph improvements using masks
3. Colour adjustment using Color Balance
4. Black and white conversion (for portraits and landscapes)
5. Noise reduction in Camera Raw and Photoshop
6. Sharpening in Photoshop
7. Smart Sharpen and selective sharpening

Week Five – Adobe Photoshop

1. Removing unwanted imperfections
2. Correcting or removing elements with Clone Stamp
3. Retouching using Spot Healing Tool and Healing Brush Tool
4. Fixing larger areas using the Patch Tool
5. Increase the size of an image using Content Aware Scale
6. Skin retouching techniques

  • wrinkle reduction
  • facial and shape retouching with Liquify
  • eyes retouching
  • improving skin tone and texture

7. Final output sharpening and small light adjustments


Each of these topics would be explained, discussed and illustrated in the context of practical and interactive course sessions.
Assignments will be set  and reviewed each week.

Claudio Nego

Claudio Nego

BA (Hons) – Photojournalism
Certified Adobe Partner

Starting his journey 20 years ago, in the days of film shooting and darkroom processes and progressing with the transition into the digital technologies, Claudio Nego has developed methods of visually merging classic, analog techniques with the latest digital editing processes, with the purpose of preserving the essence and qualities of classic photography but insuring its continuity into the “digital age”.

  • Optional but recommended: your laptop
  • Pen and paper
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