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KAMERA 8 Gallery and Photography Centre
5 Rowe Street, Lr., Wexford Town


Sunday, June 16th
10am – 17 Pm (including lunch break)

Available places: 7 

6 hours Photoshop Training




The Photoshop Interface

1. Photoshop Tools & toolbars
2. Using Photoshop tools

Photoshop Image Editing

1. Open images Photoshop Camera Raw
2. Exposure correction (highlights, shadows, contrast, clarity)
3. Detail exposure correction using filters
3. Colour correction
4. Guide to photo retouching (removing spots, objects, people etc.)
7. Editing for Landscape Photography
8. Editing for Portrait Photography
9. Working with Layers
10. Creative filters (lens blur, motion blur, background blur etc.)
11. Skin retouching (imperfections, wrinkles etc.)
13. Focus stacking
14. Noise reduction and sharpening an image
15. Image resizing
16. Preparing an image for web and for print

The course will be intensive, interactive, hands-on, and in our bootcamp, like in the army,

Claudio Nego

Claudio Nego

BA (Hons) – Photojournalism
Certified Adobe Partner
Photojournalist and Co-Owner at KAMERA 8 Wexford.

Starting his journey 20 years ago, in the days of film shooting and darkroom processes and progressing with the transition into the digital technologies, Claudio Nego has developed methods of visually merging classic, analog techniques with the latest digital editing processes, with the purpose of preserving the essence and qualities of classic photography but insuring its continuity into the “digital age”.

Explaining basic camera functions for different camera brands...

Reflections on the potential of the medium of Photography...

On Art Photography and composition...

  • Optional but recommended: your laptop
  • Pen and paper

The camera’s sensor and processor produce only a basic, generic image that you need to “develop” according to your own style and creativity, much like photographers used to develop their negatives in the darkroom in order to produce a beautiful print.

In the realm of Digital Photography, Photoshop is your “darkroom” – and the only way your photographs can be “developed” to their full potential. Not “altered”, not “manipulated”, not “faked”, but shaped into a unique style that after a while will become your “signature” as a photographer.

1. You DO NOT need to learn the entire software to drastically improve your photography.
2. All you need is to understand and learn ONLY THE PHOTOGRAPHY RELATED editing techniques.
3. You can gain this knowledge and be comfortable with the above within just 1 day of intensive training.

We will start with the very basics then finish with the best and most effective digital editing techniques. From  image resolutions, color correction, cropping and straightening, to artistic effects, photo retouching and restoration, we will make sure that at the end of the day you will be familiar and confortable using Photoshop for Photography.

Availability is limited to 8 students for an optimal, hands-on teaching experience.

The course is taught by Claudio Nego, trained Photojournalist with more than 15 years experience in working with the Adobe products, also a Certified Adobe Partner.